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Vintage Value

Posted: 09.12.2013

Vintage Value 

It's hard to use social networks without stumbling upon a friend or an acquaintance or a friend of an acquaintance who owns an online vintage boutique. Wonder why?-- simply because the value of vintage style has increased.

Not only have consumers become more environmentally conscious; but the average person is flat out broke! We no longer have the luxury of perusing through every floor of the mall looking for the latest trends. Although we are all poor, there is a desire to look like a million.

On top of lustful desires to look like a stylish million, the idea of the “individual” is on the continuous rise. No one wants to have the same apparel as the next person and no one wants to share where they get all of their haute-ness.

The individual is more important than fitting-in, but the irony is everyone wants the allure of individuality to fit-in (sounds stupid, huh?) Because we don't have the wealth to out-buy the masses, the next best option is to get something that the masses can’t find---Vintage!

If you are buying authentic vintage pieces and not just overly recycled F21 and H&M landfill, these pieces are one of kind. And you know girls like feeling like one in a million.


Allow me to clarify the difference between going “thrifting” and vintage—1. Everything at the thrift store is not vintage and 2. All vintage is not fifty cents 3. To classify something as vintage it must be aged at least two decades.  Thus, most apparel at thrift stores is from the abovementioned “landfill” and you have to do tremendous research in order to understand what’s authentic vintage vs. inauthentic vintage.

Nowadays, going to thrift stores makes you feel like you are in a filthy mall! Because the value of vintage has gone up, so have the prices at thrift stores across America. Vintage is in everything! A big portion of modern culture is re-vamping retro style to make it look modern. Men and women are making great effort to achieve the “Granny Chic” look by purposely dying their hair gray and wearing your grandmother and grandfathers clothes—literally!

Don’t have the patience for visiting thrift stores in search of authentic vintage? Don’t fret-- I have listed a few online vintage boutiques that offer a wide collection of unique pieces that will enhance any wardrobe! Happy Shopping!

Shop these Online Vintage Stores! 

Thee Hippie Phile  

Mila and Fire

Biddies and Blokes




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