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Straight Style

Posted: 02.07.2014

Straight Style

Embracing style as a straight man….

A man who is stylish doesn’t box himself into the category of being gay, self-centered, metro-sexual, or any other negative comment about well-dressed men. There are men in the world who take pride in appearance because they understand the value of being tailored or shall I say dressed to the nines?

For years, the stylish man who is not gay has intrigued me. And I am obligated to state “not gay” because once upon a time there was a show, “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.” This show took a band of “Queers” who happened to be very stylish and take the challenge of making-over unstylish straight men and turning them into fabulous metro-sexuals. This show implies two simple ideas:

1. Gay men are more fashionable than straight men

2. Straight men lack overall cohesive style sense

Both of these ideas cannot be taken as absolute truths!

As of late, there has been an explosion in the fashion and entertainment industries of stylish straight men, i.e. Kanye West, Andre 3000, Bradley Cooper, Pharell Williams and even professional athletes such as Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook. Now, I am certain that many of these, if not all, celebs have hired stylists, but these gents have to make a request to be styled with a certain je ne sais quoi. But in my opinion, the fact that these guys are making the conscious switch from bros to gentlemen is where I am impressed. Because mainstream media is placing heavy emphasis onto these stylish celebs, we are seeing a shift in style consciousness from straight men.  Men are taking more pride in their style, and not in the “queer eye for a straight guy” approach (where the metro-sexual term was coined), but they are taking the road of gentleman style.

I had the pleasure of catching up with two men who are undoubtedly stylish gentlemen, Mr. Schiender Predestin and Mr. Lawrence Jackson. When questioned about their stance on style and inspiration, Mr. Jackson responded with “I gain inspiration from classic movies such as Harlem Nights, Cooley High, and the Mack.” Mr. Presdestin's response was, “Art- like Jean Michel Basquiat, Warhol. Music like Andre 3000.” These sources that these two gentlemen pull from have striking similarities, both of their motives have a variety of creativity and a sense of another style era.

Above all, being comfortable with yourself and understanding what works for you is the key to finding your style in-zone, whether you are male or female. Everyone just wants to express him or herself, but the key as Mr. Jackson stated is “understanding yourself first. “

I enjoyed style chatting with these gents! You can follow both of them on Instagram: Mr. Schiender Predestin @debgents, Mr. Lawrence Jackson @funky_2_jive



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