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5 Ways To Elevate Your Beau's Style

Posted: 03.18.2014

If you are not blind, I am sure you have noticed the uprising of the stylish man. There is a niche market of stylish men who prefer to take the masculine road to gentleman style—because who said a man can’t be stylish and masculine?

But what about the evolution? I remember the evolution of my Lover's style. When he and I first met, his style was simple and rough around the edges (haha). So this leads me to what happened next… The evolution of my Lover's style.

When the process first began, I would get very frustrated, because he would not submit to my advice and he was clinging to garments I hated! The hardest part was the initial closet therapy (something I have done for several clients, without half the amount of drama!). In my opinion, closet therapy is the first process in rebuilding a wardrobe. Despite the struggle, I didn't give up and we eventually moved on to shopping for new wardrobe essentials. This journey was a struggle in more ways than one; because, to Lover, shopping was placed on the bottom of his "to-do" list.

From this point, I’m not going to give you the long winded champagne fueled spiel, but better yet I am going to equip you with a list of five tips to help you and your significant other towards elevated style. 

1. DO NOT CRITICIZE: This is the most important tip. Negative reflection on his or her style hiccups, is not the right way to pioneer the style journey you two have set out on. It is better to embrace what he has, the same way he embraces what you have!

2. BUILD HIS STYLE KNOWLEDGE: Gradually, build his style knowledge… But do not make him watch male runway shows. This isn’t going to increase his working knowledge. Instead, pick up magazines that are geared towards men (for the contemporary man-Nylon Guys and/or GQ for the overall guy’s guy). Another great idea to try is to thumb through look books that can be found at stores like H&M, Zara, and Urban Outfitters. But this step is all about presentation. Don't throw them at him and demand that he study! You and your Lover should sit down together and go over looks that he’s interested in and what looks he classifies as stylish. This creates a common understanding of what style is to him. A bonus to this situation is you get an understanding of his style and you can surprise him with an unexpected gift!

3. PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE!: If you lose your cool with him... i.e. telling him he is a bum who dresses like “Dirty Mike and The Boys”, chances are you're going to lose his attention and turn him off to “Project Style Him”. And besides, you don't like to be berated, so neither does he!

4. REMAIN FOCUSED: Since you have maintained patience and maintained your lover’s attention, now it is time to move onto shopping trips. While shopping, be as attentive as he is with you. Be attentive, by holding his coat and telling him his butt looks cute, and always give him positive reinforcement. But most importantly, do not abandon him because Zara is having a massive sale. Remain focused and encourage your lover to try clothes on and ask him how he feels—his likes and dislikes. This is actually a tip straight out of my style psychology book. This enables him to realize what works for him. Asking his own personal opinion, also builds his style confidence in himself.

5. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Without the force! If he is not into argyle socks, just leave that shit at the store—kapish? Your objective is to get him comfortable updating his style and getting him comfortable with the idea that it’s okay to be a fly guy.

And please always remember, refer back to step three—PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE! Your ultimate goal is not to change him, but just polish him up so he doesn’t look like a pauper standing next to royalty!

Happy styling friends!

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Schnieder Predestin
This is an amazing piece! I agree with the points but also remember that as a man sometimes we need more than reinforcement but also reassurance. Always allow he to feel as if he has a say even if your the one doing most of the work. Enjoy!
-Debonair Gentlemen-

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