Chante Nakapaahu


On a normal day, for any other event, I could find a needle in a hay-stack, but looking for "THE" dress was no small feat because "THE" dress was actually, "THE" dresses. I needed a dress to wear for our morning nuptials and a dress to wear for the evening dinner reception. The pressure was on. 


- 5 Ways To Elevate Your Beau's Style

If you are not blind, I am sure you have noticed the uprising of the stylish man. There is a niche market of stylish men who prefer to take the masculine road to gentleman style—because who said a man can't be stylish and masculine?

- Straight Style

A man who is stylish doesn't box himself into the category of being gay, self-centered, metro-sexual, or any other negative comment about well-dressed men.

- Vintage Value

It's hard to use social networks without stumbling upon a friend or an acquaintance or a friend of an acquaintance who owns an online vintage boutique. Wonder why?-- simply because the value of vintage style has increased.

- Style Journey

The evolution from here to there is a day-to-day process. Personal style is formed exactly the same. Style is believed to be innate. But in fact, it is an exercised skill with natural abilities. This skill comes from fine-tuning, artistic insight, a third eye, and most importantly inspiration and motivation.


Her messy hair... Her oversized clothes... No she isn't homeless, she's just a modern hippie "chillaxin". By a quick glance you might mistake her for being a panhandler, but take a second look and you will see her shoes and they are a dead giveaway...


While in LA, I experienced many things; however, most of which I am not going to elaborate on. I am going to elaborate on the brighter side of this trip, SHOPPING!(duh)


- Pint-Size Painter

- Wedge would you do?

Although wedges are nothing new, and a rendition of wedges squeezes through the cracks every year, I have been obsessing over wedges over the past month.